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October 26 - 29

Transformational 3-day Retreat at Breathe Love Bend, Bend OR

to Awaken your Feminine Power

Attn: Heart-centered women! Join us for an extraordinary

3 - Day Transformational Retreat

to awaken your Feminine Power

Join us for 3 extraordinary days to awaken your Feminine Power while getting grounded for the upcoming holiday season. This multi-dimensional retreat will nourish your body, mind, and soul was created for heart-centered women who want more: More confidence, love, health, depth, connection, and more of themselves.

This retreat is for you if any of these statements are true. 

  • You desire a re-set, a break, a retreat from the everyday.

  • You are always busy but feel rarely fulfilled.

  • You are an overachieving go-getter who creates enormous value but you aren't compensated accordingly.

  • You are creating projects of enormous value but aren't received for them.

  • You have focused on giving to your family (colleagues or friends) but aren't seen or valued for your contribution.

  • You are clear on dreams and visions but don't know how to make them a reality like writing a book, building a business, or creating art.

  • You notice frustrating repeating patterns that you can't seem to overcome.

  • You lose weight only to gain it all back.

  • You want to find love but have been disappointed too many times.

  • You want to establish or deepen a spiritual practice (that's backed by science).

  • You want to experience support and growth in a community of other heart-centered women even if that has not been your experience up until now.

Retreat Pricing