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Live online breathwork membership.

Highway to the Soul.

The benefits of Breathwork.

Breathwork isn't only an ancient practice that we are just now rediscovering, its beneficial side effects are backed by science.

Breathwork is more than meditation, coaching, or mindset work alone. It will speed up the process of stress relief, healing, or spiritual expansion faster than meditation, yoga, or mindset work alone.

These are some of the side effects you can experience: 

  • Improved performance

  • Enhanced mental clarity

  • Calmed nerves

  • Minimized negative mind chatter

  • Reduced fatigue, headaches (and hangovers)

  • More stamina

  • Trauma-release from the body, not just the mind

Over time breathwork will reprogram your nervous system. The result is an increased capacity to respond (not react) to external stressors

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"I really loved this session. It was the best

breathwork experience I've had so far."

Kerry Speake, Creative Director, Nike

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Live-on-Zoom virtual Breathwork sessions every month.

Your first month is free.

Cancel any time - no questions asked.

  • Breathfast Club

    Every month
    Online Breathwork Membership
     30 day free trial
    • Weekly Breathwork - delivered live-on-zoom
    • Unlimited Recordings
How does the Breathfastclub work?

Sign up for the Breathfast Club and try breathwork free for the first month.

Browse the catalog of previously recorded sessions to practice asyncronius.

You'll receive invitations via email for the available sessions.

Receive early-bird and preferred member rates for in-person and online retreats and special events.

Why we need Breathwork now more than ever.

We live in the 'age of acceleration'. Life seems to be speeding up. Events outside our control stack up and change society, politics, culture, and the workplace.


And it's overwhelming. 

We are busier than ever and feel less fulfilled.

We are more connected than ever, yet loneliness has risen to epidemic levels.

Never before have we known so much about our health, and yet we are sicker and more disconnected from our bodies than ever.


Have we been adequately prepared for the pace and rate of change we are experiencing at this point in time?

Thankfully we were all born with the most powerful tool that can get us into a state of calm and peace in as little as 8 minutes. 

Let me help you clear anxiety and stress so that you get back into flow, clarity, and joy for your life, business, and relationships.


I'm Daniela.

I'm a certified trauma-informed Breathwork Facilitator, Coach, Fashion Designer, and astute student of Dr. Joe Dispenza's work.

I was in my mid-40s when I woke up to a life that was more exciting, grounded, mysterious, and expansive than I ever imagined. I had finally found the piece of me that was missing for most of my life.

You don't have to quit your job, leave your children, divorce your spouse and move to an ashram to find yourself. 

You can do that right from the comfort of your home.


Try it and experience it yourself.

Join me and our growing community for live-on-zoom breathwork.

Subscribe for updates.

And receive the Breathfast Club Information booklet with tips and tricks how to prepare for a session.

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