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October 19-22

Breathe Love Bend

Bend, OR


Wholistic Health = Wealth

Up-level your Life &
Unleash your Feminine Power

Are you stuck in a rut?

Successful on many levels but frustrated because something is still missing?

Are you on a health journey but are hitting a bump in the road?

Feeling frustrated because familiar patterns show up over and over in your life are keeping you stuck?

Do you sense a yearning for more love, intimacy, and more fulfillment in general but have no idea how to get there?

Is self-sabotage something you're familiar with?

Then this retreat is for YOU!

Step into YOUR Optimal (W)health!

Leave your life and loved ones behind - just a few days! - and let US take care of YOU!


Join us for this amazing opportunity to experience transformation while holistically detoxing the body, mind, and soul on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Hit the pause button, release what no longer serves, rejuvenate, and re-emerge back into your life with a new sense of self and a whole new outlook on life and possibilities!


Break through the inner glass ceiling that holds most of us successful, highly intelligent, gifted, heart-centered women back from manifesting the life of our dreams.

Some of what's included:

Photo Credit: Julia Duke, Breathe Love Bend, Gather Sauna House

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Accommodation Options

You can be part of Optimum (W)health by either lodging on-site or you can sleep in the comfort of your own home and join us every morning between 7-8 am.

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Room 1

Twin Bed in shared room.

2 available


expires 5/5 then $989


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