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Closet full and nothing to wear?

How conscious is your closet?

Answer the 10 questions below to find out. And I'll send you the 5 surprising limiting beliefs that keep us in the frustrating buy/purge cycle.
Our Society's current addiction to cheap clothing is depleting our shared resources and harms everyone.

Women buy the majority of clothes, for themselves and their families, and the vast majority - 80% - of apparel workers across the globe are women. But men are still the ultimate decision-makers.


Our society's current addiction to cheap clothing is depleting the earth's resources, harms the people who make them, and isn't making us feel better either.

It's my goal and passion to help change the way we relate to the clothes we wear. So that we feel more vibrant, connected, and feel fulfilled in our choices.

Thank you for going on this journey together and taking the quiz!

White Cotton Fabric
Laura Di Franco,
Best selling author and CEO, Breave Healer Production

“I'm 53 and I've never thought about my clothes in that context before. Eye opening."

Amanda Steinberg,
Founder Daily Worth,
Co-Founder Higher U

“It's your fault I spent the whole weekend sorting my closet and saying no to fast fashion."

Lulu Trevena,
Best Selling Author, Quantum Healer, Founder Live Life with Wonder

What you wrote really resonated with me. I'll never look at clothes the same way.

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