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It's an extension of your energy field. It's part of your being. What you wear matters.

It's your second skin, a part of you, and determines how others see you. It can make you feel empowered and beautiful or it can make you fade into the background. But what is personal style? How do you cultivate it and how can it catalyze your impact and influence?

And how can you do it responsibly, affordably, and in a way that's aligned with your values?


To walk fully and confidently in one's skin. To feel in complete alignment with one's values and higher purpose. To exude presence and simply radiate.

It's what I help women do. I wish I could say I always felt like that but it was a 40+ year-long JOURNEY for me to step into authentic confidence. It took a breakdown in my life for me to break through. I spent two decades in design leadership in the apparel industry, working for brands such as Nike, Pendleton, and Adidas. When my daughter fell inexplicably ill, it forced me to step out of the grind and led me on a three-year-long journey of healing, spirituality, science, and learning about true human potential. 

During my design career, I loved infusing customer desires with brand identity, then envision it through the lens of global trends to finally create garments that delighted and sold. 

As much as I tuned into the wants and desires of customers, I often denied myself my own wants, pushed my own needs past the next deadline, waited to be discovered, or given permission to follow my dreams. Only after I had to leave my work behind, was I able to redefine myself and step into true confidence and follow a dream and own my mission: Using apparel as a vehicle to empower women and girls around the globe.

I created a unique approach that will help you reconnect with your desires, uncover your purpose and support you in unleashing the woman you know you can be. Inside and out.

It's not a one-size-fits-all approach. It's a soulful journey where you'll learn life-long skills and wisdom that will guide you for the rest of your life. 

As part of my larger mission, I am working on a passion project - launching Koryphae, a clothing line for conscious women by conscious women.

I believe that when we wear clothes crafted with love and care, made from materials carefully selected for their energetic frequencies and environmental impact, it doesn't only uplift ourselves, but everyone around the globe who helped make them.


Interested in shifting your own relationship with the clothes you wear? Join me at my next transformational workshop (live-on-zoom!).


The greatest freedom is the freedom of choice.

- iPEC cor.E foundation principle

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A driver throughout my life has been to use my privilege to uplift others, especially women and girls.

With each coaching package or workshop you enroll in, you not only empower yourself, you empower girls by affording them to be children, learn, play, and thrive as 10% goes to TOO YOUNG TO WED a nonprofit organization whose mission is to end child marriage worldwide.


80% of workers in the garment industry across the globe are women. I witnessed firsthand the toll it takes on apparel developers and manufacturing partners to keep up with the communication needs and clerical data entry to ensure flawless execution in the process. To reduce errors, shorten timelines, increase accuracy, and free up time, in 2015 we lauchned ngnINE, an intuitive product development platform with a smart material database.


One of my superpowers in my design work was to tune in to how clothes make the wearer feel. Empowered, joyful, adventurous, daring, happy?

Go down memory lane with me.