"Sometimes the one thing you need for growth

is the one thing you are afraid to do."

Sick of not being seen for who you really are and what you bring to the table?

Stressed because your email inbox is overflowing? Never enough time in the day to do what matters most? Feeling like all you do - all day long - is putting out fires? Too busy to meet a friend for coffee or over lunch? And if you do, you feel kind of guilty? You'd like to get back to the times when work felt fulfilling and fun.

Or want to discover where your passions really lie?

It can be incredibly overwhelming to figure everything out when you feel bombarded from all sides. Let's get you back to a place of joy and pride in what you do.


Send me a note, and let's see if you feel I'm a good fit.

It's all confidential and I'll get back to you shortly.



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"We rise by lifting others"

You want to transform your team to work like a well-oiled machine. Your team is your greatest asset, but the conflict seems to be ever growing and is starting to effect the outcome.

You have even started to realize a shift in your own energy. Leading teams is hard. It's the hardest thing you'll ever do (besides raising kids, probably) and there aren't a lot of resources to help out there. 


Are you looking for a sounding board, someone who understands the dynamics of your industry? Someone who will challenge your assumptions, someone who would even come and work with your team?

So you can finally get back at it. And make that company some money!


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