The greatest freedom is the freedom of choice.

- iPEC cor.E foundation principle

Live Aligned. 
Inside and out.


I believe Breathwork is the highway to wholeness, the shortcut to the soul.

In 2018, in the middle of my daughter's health struggles, I attended a week-long meditation workshop that changed me forever. Waves of energy were coursing through my body, I felt my own heart and it was radiating outward way outside my body! How could that even be?. And for the first time in my life, I felt truly worthy - without having 'achieved' anything.

What the heck happened? And why doesn't anybody teach us this?


It left me curious, would it be possible to access a similar experience even faster so that 'old' me - who couldn't even sit still for 5 minutes and meditate - would get to experience it? 


On my way to discovering the answers, I became a certified Core Energy Leadership Coach, a founding member and graduate of the Institute of Women-Centered Coaching, Facilitation & Leadership, and a trauma-informed Breathwork facilitator.


I infuse all my learnings, experiences, and intentions into crafting powerful Breathwork journeys. I have witnessed it to be the one modality that can take anybody into a transformational experience within just a few minutes.

Breathwork is an ancient modality we are just now rediscovering but it's also heavily backed by science. It is more than meditation, coaching, or mindset work alone. It

  • improves performance

  • enhances mental clarity

  • calms the nerves

  • minimizes negative or distracting thoughts

  • reduces fatigue

  • promotes stamina

  • shifts your state

  • releases trauma from the body, not just the mind

  • over time it increases the human adaptability to external stressors.

Ready to experience the power of breathwork for yourself? Wondering how it could support your own growth? Not sure how to get started? Schedule a complimentary clarity breakthrough session below.

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A driver throughout my life has been to use my privilege to uplift others, especially women and girls.

With each coaching package or workshop you enroll in, you not only empower yourself, you empower girls by affording them to be children, learn, play, and thrive as 10% goes to TOO YOUNG TO WED a nonprofit organization whose mission is to end child marriage worldwide.


Koryphae is the manifestation of my life-long dream of creating a clothing brand with the highest sustainability and ethical standards possible.

Koryphae stands for the empowerment of women and artisans across the globe creating high vibrational clothing for conscious women.


One of my superpowers in my design work was to tune in to how clothes make the wearer feel. Empowered, joyful, adventurous, daring, happy?

Go down memory lane with me.


80% of workers in the garment industry across the globe are women. I witnessed firsthand the toll it takes on apparel developers and manufacturing partners to keep up with the communication needs and clerical data entry to ensure flawless execution in the process. To reduce errors, shorten timelines, increase accuracy, and free up time, in 2015 we lauchned ngnINE, an intuitive product development platform with a smart material database.