Live Aligned. 
Inside and out.

We cannot become ourselves by ourselves.

- Dr. Claire Zammit


I spent over two decades in design leadership positions working the first ten years for global brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Columbia Sportswear. Followed by another decade working freelance as design director and creative director for brands such as Pendleton Woolen Mills,, Wilson Tennis, and Alps & Meters. At one point, I was even a managing partner in a boutique sourcing agency in Portland, OR, and I developed an online apparel development platform.

Despite all my professional and financial successes, I was spread too thin without the ability to balance being a professional woman in the modern workplace and being present with my daughter and husband.


I didn't even know how to spell self-care.

I was always busy - and never fulfilled. I couldn't enjoy my life. It felt like I was living behind a pane of glass where I could see my life, but never really be in it. 

When my 10-year-old daughter, got inexplicably sick and diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 2018, my whole life collapsed and I left an industry that I simultaneously deeply loved and felt extremely conflicted about. 


My search for meaning and a desire to create a new way of life lead me to work with and learn from world-class leaders, coaches, mentors, and luminaries in their field today. I shifted my worldview, healed old wounds I wasn't even aware of, and broke through frustrating patterns that had held me back.


I was able to step into my power and I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream on the way - the launch of the consciously created fashion brand Koryphae.


I deeply desired the ability to facilitate the profound transformational shifts I had enjoyed for others. This led me to become a certified coach, study transformational facilitation and leadership and become a certified trauma-informed breathwork and Energy Codes facilitator.

Today I live a life that allows me to balance my gifts, skills, and experiences into meaningful offers of healing and transformation for you.

We cannot become ourselves by ourselves.

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