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Bad leaders are the #1 reason designers leave brands.

Become the #1 reason they stay.

Fast-track your leadership learning curve, grow your influence & impact, and cultivate highly creative and effective teams ... while enjoying the process!

A 90-day transformational leadershift program with group and 1:1 coaching sessions for high-potential designers, and emerging design leaders. 

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Many highly capable and experienced designers struggle when promoted into leadership positions. So we developed a transformational process to help you SHIFT from the identity of individual contributor to confident team leader so you can fast-track your learning curve to lead highly creative and effective teams.

1 in 10

Only one in ten out of current managers have the natural talent to lead.*



Employees would consider quitting due to poor leadership.*

*Good Hire


Estimated cost of lack of leadership capability to
US Corporations per year.


The costly assumption most companies make:

Tenure = Leadership

Tenure does not equal Leadership Ability

You have honed your craft for years, if not decades. But that hasn't adequately prepared you to lead.

As a Leader, you are asked to navigate increasingly complex markets, and a demanding workload with the expectation to foster highly creative and inclusive teams that generate meaningful products - the lifeblood of all apparel brands. 

As a high-potential designer or new design leader, you can

fast-track your learning curve and get Prêt-à-mener: Ready-to-lead.

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What to expect from your experience in


  • SHIFT from an individual contributor into authentic and courageous leader.

  • Grow your influence & impact in the organization.

  • Recession-proof your career.

  • Cultivate highly creative and effective teams.

  • Avoid burnout or overwhelm.

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Many highly capable and experienced designers struggle when promoted into leadership positions. While they have honed their creative and design skills for years, even decades, they haven't been adequately prepared to lead. Once promoted into leadership positions, they are largely unsupported, even if they get to attend traditional leadership classes. 


They struggle to cope with competing priorities, an increasingly volatile marketplace, and pressure from the business, their bosses, and the teams they lead. When the team starts to disengage, x-functional frustration mounts, and subsequent finger-pointing results in toxic work environments.

Finally, when deadlines get missed, and product outcomes don't meet the high bar, the company faces financial losses when the product ends up not resonating with the customer base.



This is how it shows up and what it may feel like when you haven't shifted into the identity of a leader yet:

  • You are overwhelmed by competing priorities

  • You feel a need to please the team to keep them 'happy'

  • You may overprotect team members

  • Or you believe that in order to be respected you have to show up with a 'power over' attitude

  • You still source your value from your creative output

  • You are always on the defensive, and feel the need to fight for your place

  • You believe you need to have all the answers, or otherwise, you fear not being taken seriously

  • You have difficulty delegating

  • You feel the need to be liked

  • You suffer from imposter syndrome

  • You cover up your insecurities behind the mask of agressive confidence

  • You believe you can't show insecurities

  • You feel unsupported by your boss

  • You are always busy but never fulfilled

  • You are overwhelmed with keeping up with societal shifts and changes.

  • You refrain from speaking up in meetings even though you have important contributions to make

  • Or you speak up but don't feel heard

  • You have a hard time giving constructive feedback.

  • You miss being able to focus on designing

  • You feel isolated

  • You are frustrated with the number of meetings and clerical tasks.

  • You feel your real talents are untapped

  • You feel squeezed between the needs of the business and the needs of the team

  • You dread writing and delivering performance reviews.

  • You can't switch off

  • You have difficulty sleeping

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Once you have let go of the identity of Designer and shifted into Leader, this is how it shows up and what it feels like: 

  • You are clear on your big WHY

  • You have developed a Growth Mindset

  • You have activated your authentic leadership style

  • You have learned powerful coaching techniques to grow and develop talent

  • You delegate with ease

  • You honed your skills of giving courageous feedback that supports the growth of your staff.

  • You activated the skills of influence and impact without wearing a mask

  • You have grown your resiliency and become anti-fragile

  • You are clear about the value you bring outside your creative talents and output

  • You have clarified your leadership priorities

  • You are heard when you speak up

  • You are able to see the bigger picture


Authentic leadership requires an internal SHIFT to create sustainable transformation in business and in life.

A leaderSHIFT requires letting go of the identity of 'single contributor' and stepping into 'leadership'. This creates the fertile soil for any conventional learning program to take root and effect long-lasting change.


Authentic confidence and the change in how you show up in business and life is a side-effect of that SHIFT.

We developed Prêt-à-mener to facilitate this SHIFT so that you become a confident leader.


This proprietary approach combines a curriculum, weekly transformational group sessions, dedicated 1:1 coaching, and monthly breathwork to create a holistic change in the conscious, the subconscious, the mind, and the body. 

The SHIFT is dedicated to Serve, Heal, Increase your Impact and Influence with a fierce Focus on Product while growing the Team.

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I'm Daniela Caine.

I've walked in your shoes - as a designer, design leader, employee, and employer. I know your time is precious, so let me be brief.

There are many leadership programs out there that teach you valuable leadership skills. But few are supporting you in the most critical shift: The identity shift from individual contributor to leader. 

I build this program for you - and my 29-year-old eager-to-succeed and utterly ill-prepared self.

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Activate your Navigation System

Uncover your big Why and know precisely what drives you. It's your vision - your North Star that goes deeper than the paycheck or title.

Coaching Techniques for Leaders

Learn & practice simple coaching techniques to unlock your team's potential without having to fix problems or go on rescue missions.

Unshakeable Confidence

Cultivate unshakeable trust and belief in your self and your ability to meet any challenge to succeed.

Unleash your authentic Leadership Style

Break through the inner pane of glass that is keeping you from expressing, leading, and living your highest vision.

Conflict to Breakthrough

Utilize conflict as a tool for breakthroughs, growth, and deeper connection for yourself and your team.

Cultivate a Creativity Culture

Consciously create a culture where creativity is king, everybody grows and thrives. Become aware of and navigate team energy leaks.

Develop Growth Mindset

Learn the skill to see opportunities in every problem and master the practices that will literally attract solutions to you.

Generative Feedback

Giving and receiving feedback can be hard. Learn & practice ways where feedback can be received, acted upon, and even sought out.

Influence &

Develop your thought leadership and learn ways to presence and resource yourself so that what you say connects and can be received by others.


90 min Workshops

One 90 min transformational workshop per week for the first three weeks of the month.

1:1 Laser Coaching

One 30 min laser coaching session per month.

30 min Q&A Session

One 30 min long group Q&A session per week for the first three weeks of the month.

Launch Pods

2 x 45 min leadership launch pod sessions per month with members of your cohort.


Integration week accompanied by one 60 min. breathwork session in week 4 of each month.

Slack Group

Stay connected with your cohort between sessions and collaborate in the private Slack channel.


"Is leadership something that can be taught and learned?"

This question started the search for answers and these programs informed the creation of Prêt-à-Mener.

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